News Update - January 2018 - on going.

Quadrant, Hockley, Birmingham.

Working on a Colmore Tang site, contracted for CPL, building 133 apartments.  Building the facades out of SFS and Kingspan.

More updates to follow as the job progresses. 

News Update - October 2017

St Georges, Hockley, Birmingham.

Working on a Colmore Tang site, contracted for CPL, building apartments out of SFS, Kingspan and making SFS frame work.

We helped this job along for a few months whilst we waited for our next job to start.  It was similar to works completed on Kettle Works but on a smaller scale.

News Update - January 2017

Kettle Works, Hockley, Birmingham.

Working on a Colmore Tang site, contracted for CPL, building apartments out of SFS, Kingspan and Brick Channel, amongst other detail.

The project was one of the longest we have been on due to the size of the project.  Kincaid Cladding started this project in August 2016. The project lasted 15 months and was completed late October 2017.  The apartments were built near a residential area, Colmore Tang, CPL and Kincaid Cladding complied with the 'Considerate Construction Scheme' to reduce the impact to the residents whilst this project was completed.

News Update - October 2016

Roxanne Bottling Plant, Fradley Park.

Mark Pullen and his team of men are completing a Built Up System, with GRP Roof Lights, 240mm Ashgrid System, including Insulated Gutters.

Mark and his team have worked with Kincaid Cladding intermittently for the last 12 months.  

Keep up the great work Mark.



News Update - August 2016

Old Kettle Works, Hockley.

Refurbishment to the Old Kettle Works, Hockley.

The old roof panels were removed.  My team and I, were required to fit the brackets, fix the METSEC Roof Joists and 18mm Ply, ready for the roofers to apply the new roof.

6mm Galvanised Brackets used as fixing points for the 150mm METSEC Roof Joists.    The steel was pre drilled with a Magdrill. M8 bolts through the brackets on to the steel.
Image taken underneath the METSEC infill. showing the METSEC Roof Joists and the 18mm 'treated' Plywood.  Ready for the Roofers to apply the new roof.

News Update - July 2016

Mr Kippling factory, Stoke.

This job began in July 2016, and is currently working in progress.  I have a team of 4 men on the job, who are currently working 6 & 7 day weeks to complete the job by the deadline, the start of the job was delayed slightly and the men are pushing the job forward to meet the dead lines.

The job is an overclad of an area of 5500m² of the Mr Kippling factory in Stoke.  The old existing roof was a fibre cement roof and is being replaced by 280mm of Ashgrid Bars and Insulation, covered by Plastisol Sheets.

Before and works in progress photos.

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